Studying at the University of Northampton

I am a rural based artist currently in my final year of Fine Art Painting and Drawing BA (Hons) Degree course at the University of Northampton. This has given me the chance to explore contemporary approaches to painting as well as a range of other disciplines.  I am committed to ongoing learning and to begin a new fulfilling adventure of making art.


My landscape painting practice draws inspiration from my daily nature walks with my dogs, where I find freedom, space, peace and a world away from the everyday stresses of life. My paintings are an emotional response to what I observe in the countryside, yet I strive to create a memory which is recognised as real.  I am interested in capturing ambiguous qualities and to play with the landscape in a more expressive and abstracted way.  


My painterly style combines exhilarating gestural technique with expressive colour and intriguing brush strokes to create a dynamic collection of paintings.  Experimentation and chance play a major part in the process of the making.   Being able to let go and let things happen, with the belief that accidents will only make it better in the end, never expecting perfection and trusting the unexpected.  

Studio Painting